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We all have special preferences and priorities when it comes to finding an ideal partner. Some are looking for people with certain levels of education, specific occupation, or appearance traits. There are also millions of men around the world who dream of meeting a fabulous single Asian woman.

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However, when you live in a completely different part of the globe, your chances of meeting that special someone are very slim. Sure, you can try your luck in the streets and popular meetup places of your city or even go to Facebook and look for love there. But you need to get ready for your search taking ages and not bringing the desired results.

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Luckily, there is one simple Asian dating solution that solves your problem of finding Asian singles online. We are talking about the many Asian women dating sites that can currently be found online. With their help, every single man, regardless of his location, can meet thousands of amazing ladies of Asian descent. In order to bring you the best of the best, we created Asian Dating Club, a top Asian dating review website.

Asian mail order brides is a phrase used for a foreign woman who travels to her native country to be married. Typically, these brides from Asia often come from South Korea, China, or India to North America, Western Europe, or South America to marry a man they know. These brides have quite a few advantages as compared to American and Canadian women. First of all, Asian mail order brides have lower marriage prices than their counterparts because the cost of living in these regions is much cheaper.

Another advantage that these Asian brides have as compared to American and Canadian women is that online dating websites to allow them to meet women who are interested in meeting with them. However, before you make a decision to date an Asian lady, you should be aware of the following disadvantages. Unlike American and Canadian women, Asian mail order brides will not provide you with any benefits such as insurance, medical benefits, etc. You should also not believe stories about how “normal” Asian girls are because there are actually some cases of Asian women being violent toward their husbands or men. Also, when you are considering dating an Asian woman, you should know about their culture, religion, and family history.

How to Find a Hot Asian Women

Asian Women are by far the most sought after Asian girls dating websites. These hot Asian women have always been sought after by many foreign guys. It comes as no real surprise because they are just some of the sexiest women on the planet. The great news is that these beautiful Asian women are also usually also quite attractive to foreign guys to get in touch with one isn’t a problem.

Some Asian girls have naturally beautiful Asian features that appeal to all guys around the world. However there are girls who try very hard to look like their Western counterparts. This is a big mistake because not only do they look different, but their personalities are vastly different too. And guys want a girl who isn’t afraid of talking and laughing, someone who is pretty passionate about life and doesn’t have a boring personality.

So how do you find an Asian girl online? Well the best way is to use an online service that specializes in finding members in any country. There are dozens of these services that cater specifically for Asian women. All you need to do is type in “Asian girl” in the search bar and you will get hundreds of results. You can even narrow down your results to Asian girls living in your area.

Why Asian Dating Sites are so Popular?

The reason why so many men prefer to search for their soulmate using an Asian dating site is simple: when you log in to an Asian dating service, you instantly see an endless variety of women who match your taste and expectations. However, that is not the only reason. Some other reasons for millions of guys to try Asian dating online include the following:

Most dating websites allow you to search for women using specific parameters. For example, if you are looking for a black-haired beauty with good English knowledge who has never been married and doesn’t have any children, you find your ideal match with just a couple of clicks.
Using an Asian dating service is much more efficient than traveling to Asia. Just one website will give you access to women from dozens of Asian countries, including Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, Vietnam and Thailand. The cost of travel to each of those countries cannot even be compared to the average cost of an Asian dating website membership.

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Joining a dating service is the ideal solution for men who are too shy to meet women in person. Since you will be doing most of your initial communication online, it will give you just enough time to get comfortable around a woman and build up the courage to spend time with her in person when you finally go to her country.

Asian dating platforms are famously private. Unlike real life, where you will likely be judged for communicating with dozens of women at once, dating websites allow you to find as many matches as you want and talk to each of them to decide which one suits your needs. No one will know how many ladies you are communicating with at once!

Many dating websites also offer tour services: when you are finally ready to meet the woman of your choice in her hometown, the employees of the dating service will pick you up at the airport, take you to the hotel, provide translation services, and even offer relationship coaching if you need it!

Asian Dating Review: How do we choose the best asian dating sites?

Over the last decade, the number of Asian dating platforms has grown significantly. But at the same time, you often hear about similar services scamming users or breaching their privacy. That is exactly why we started this quest to find the best Asian dating sites.


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We have been in your situation before and we understand how important it is to fully trust your dating website. So how exactly do we assess and rate Asian dating platforms? In our rating system, we use the following criteria:

Modern design

Even though some of the oldest dating websites have been around for over 20 years, it doesn’t mean that their design should stay the same. In fact, when you see an obsolete website design, you can instantly get the idea that the website owners don’t care about user experience and other important parameters.
Realistic promises. Since most Asian dating websites work on a paid basis, it makes perfect sense for them to want to attract as many new members as possible. However, in an attempt to become popular, some websites make wild claims that have nothing to do with reality. If a website promises you a 100% chance you will get married there, we consider it to be a red flag.
Success stories and testimonials. Any Asian dating platform that has been active for more than a year should have plenty of stories from couples who met through their website and are now in a serious relationship, engaged, or even married. Positive testimonials from happy members are also an important part of the company’s image and we always pay attention to those.


Online dating is a sensitive matter that requires a special approach to privacy from the website administrators. There are several ways in which the website can ensure your privacy. Implementing advanced SSL encryption is one of them, but the administrators should also promise that none of your sensitive personal or financial data will ever get into the wrong hands.
Genuine profiles. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for dating websites to create fake profiles of stunning women in order to lure in more paying members. Plus, sometimes these websites become the source of illegal activities of scammers. If the women’s profile looks too good to be true, or if the platform doesn’t have any member verification system, there is a big chance that there is some suspicious activity going on.
We are living in the 21st century and not using its resources to fix your love life would be a major oversight. Use our guide to Asian dating websites and you are guaranteed to have a safe and satisfying experience looking for your significant other!