For thousands of years, stories of beautiful Balinese women tricking men into marriage have been told. In modern times however, the tide has changed and these stories are becoming rarer. This is possibly due to social pressures in Western societies to find happiness quickly and to leave such women behind after marriage. Stories are also coming about, which may give some insight as to why men choose to marry Balinese mail order brides rather than going through traditional methods of arranged marriages.

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These marriages are arranged by a friend or relative that the groom pays for. He goes to a marriage agency where he meets with several women. Most agencies will not allow you to see them face to face before making a choice as it is to the agency’s discretion which women they accept. Once there is an agreement reached on the price, it is just a case of picking up the women and taking them to the actual marriage ceremony. These agencies are rampant throughout Asia and many men can be seen waiting at the train station or bus terminal to meet their future wives.


It is very difficult to research the true numbers as there are so many different women available from Bali to Thailand to Indonesia and even Vietnam. The fact that there is no central registration means that there is no central accounting of figures. There are however documentation and records kept by each country of origin. Some countries will allow you access to this information for a small fee. However, it would be prudent to spend a large amount of time searching for reputable agencies.


Many men travel to Bali with the intention of finding love there but some do not realize that the women working at these agencies really are married. Bali has the strictest laws on these types of relationships and many countries have laws prohibiting the marriages. Some of these mail order brides come from unstable regions of the world such as Iraq and parts of Africa and they do not have the stability to sustain a relationship for long periods of time. When they leave their husbands they often take their family with them and end up on the streets.


There is no way to know how many women have been married in the last ten years because these agencies keep the figures confidential. Most of the people who register at one of these agencies are women seeking men from a foreign country. There are more reports coming out with stories of cheating brides from Asia. It is important to note that in most cases the men who are cheating on their wives are Pakistani. The majority of mail order brides in Asia are Pakistani and there are agencies from this country that help facilitate the marriages between these lovers.


There are many reasons why these agencies are popular with men from Pakistan and others. Many of these mail order brides are young and single and they are looking to find their life partners in their countries of origin. They also come from different countries of Asia and speak different languages, this makes them unique. Some agencies do not restrict the cultures or lifestyles of their clients, they are just looking for true love and they are happy with that. There are also those agencies that do require the men to have a certain education and background in their country of origin.


Some of the things you should consider before hiring a mail order bride agency are to make sure that it is a licensed one and you can be sure that there are no scams involved. You may also check with your government and confirm that they have proper protocols in place to protect against frauds and scams. There are also requirements that the women who register at these agencies should fulfill. Most of them are required to attend a marriage ceremony and get married by someone from the same family.


A lot of men from Pakistan and the other countries of Asia consider Balinese mail order brides as a great way to cheat their families and make a quick buck. In order to prevent this you should try to find out more about these agencies and the people involved. You should ask about the kind of education that they require, how long they have been working with the agency and what are their requirements. You can also ask for previous cases filed against them if you want to be sure that everything is all right. A good agency would always be very open about all these things and give you a very detailed account of everything.