When it comes to marriage in Asia, a few things are very different from western marriage customs. Asian culture has always valued marriage and is considered to be the most sacred after death. It is referred to as the ‘Law of Heaven and Earth’ and is also believed to have religious significance in addition to being a foundation for social cohesion and national morale. For this reason, Asian brides usually follow certain customs when they marry a man from their country of origin.



Many women who wish to marry a man from their own country of origin may choose to travel to their prospective groom’s country of origin to become one of the Burmese mail order brides. This way, the bride is able to live with her new husband and begin raising his family. It is even possible for a bride to move to a new country in order to get married to a man who could become a father to her children. In recent times, more Asian brides are choosing to marry men from other countries, and that trend is set to continue in the foreseeable future.


Traditionally, the protocol for getting married would be a long one. The bride would have many years of wedding ceremonies before she could finally return to her own country to be married by a local priest or shaman. In most rural areas, only female members of the family are allowed to attend the ceremony, and then the female family members must stay with the groom for a period of three to five days. Brides from the United Kingdom are known to have waited as long as fifty years before being married, and many brides married to Western men did so shortly before their forty-fifty birthdays. However, Burmese mail order brides do not have such lengthy protocols, and the process usually takes only a couple of weeks.


Most mail order brides will be from countries that speak English as a native language. This is important for the reason that the bride has to be fluent in the English language in order to be able to communicate with her future husband. When she becomes comfortable with him, she can try to communicate in her own language. Many mail order brides prefer to speak Thai, Chinese, Japanese, or other languages that their future husbands may be more familiar with. It is very common to hear that the women speaking those languages are more popular among foreign grooms.


Another aspect of life in a Burmese province is that the women are expected to be strictly private about their personal feelings. Even after they wed, they are expected to maintain their marital bedding to a minimum, at least during the first few months of their marriage. As far as the wedding ceremony is concerned, Burmese women are expected to keep their own customs and traditions, at least while they are still married. Even after they become mothers, they are expected to maintain the cultural norms related to the marriage, including the customary washing of hands before the meal. These are all examples of how the traditional customs and values of the country are closely observed, despite the fact that many foreign cultures have their own unique customs and values.


For instance, Burmese mail order brides usually do not wear makeup, unless they choose to, because their culture does not permit it. In addition, Burmese brides prefer to be modest in their apparel and body features, especially when compared with Western brides who like to be a bit more provocative in their appearance. In addition to that, Burmese brides also have certain customs that are very common among rural women and which are not applicable to urban or commercialized women at all. These include not wearing long, colorful dresses, and not wearing large, ornate headdresses.


The life of a Burmese mail order bride also includes a lot of traveling. It is typical for mail-order brides to move from one province to another, as well as from one city to another. This is necessary to meet the needs of her prospective husbands. Most of these women are accustomed to living in small rural homes and cities, where there are not a lot of amenities. They are used to sharing a room with ten to twenty other women, depending on the size of the home, and they are accustomed to cooking their own food, preparing their own meals, cleaning their own clothes, and cleaning their own houses.


Some men even choose to follow their spouses to this new life that they have chosen. Most women do not mind if their husband is not physically present, since she can always travel to another town to find a husband. However, there are some men who do not like the idea of their wives leaving them, especially if that woman is their sister, daughter, or wife. Furthermore, some men want their children to be raised in their homeland, and these men will only accept their wives if they can be with their children during school holidays and on weekends. Burmese mail order brides may seem like an ideal choice for some men who need foreign wives, but there are still many risks involved in this procedure.